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Eating Fat For Weight Loss?

Gone are the days of restricting and avoiding fat in your diet. I remember when fat free was the rage! That was surely no way to live and all those chemicals and preservatives in the “fat free” foods are far worse than the fat itself! Thanks to new research, we know that eating the right types of fats does not lead to weight gain. With fat containing 9 calories you may be thinking for sure I need to stay clear of fats. Well let me assure you that this macronutrient is not only healthy, but it will help you stay fuller longer, which ultimately will keep you satisfied and keep you from overeating.

Now don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean go run out to the nearest fast food joint and shove french fries in your face! Not all fats are created equally..Yes I know maybe that is what you were hoping I would say because we all love a good handful of crispy fries every now and then, but truthfully I’m talking Omega 3,6,9’s I’m talking about those long weird words, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, saturated and trans fat. Of course you’ve heard of these words but let’s dig a little deeper into exactly what they consist of and what research is saying.

While monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats have been known to be the best choices, research on saturated fats and our health is not as clear. Since the 1960’s guidance has led us to believe that we should cut down and limit animal fats, tropical oils and butter (saturated fat). However, disease has not decreased and in fact obesity has risen. Really, there is not much evidence stating if Americans have actually cut down on these fats so unfortunately it remains unclear if they contribute to disease at all.

Lots of researchers are taking both sides of the coin and state their beliefs. Some do think saturated fats may even prevent heart disease while others claim they are linked to cardiovascular disease. However researcher’s fear of eating saturated fat has lessened over the years and low-carb diets such as paleo, bulletproof and ketogenic eating has gained popularity. Mostly, these eating plans focus on saturated fat nutrients and consist of “healthy brain foods” and “MCTs” (medium chain triglycerides).

However, I understand it to be agreed by researchers, Doctors and nutritionists that it is best to limit saturated fat. It is way too unclear as to the health risks involved in a diet consisting of over 10% of saturated fat. The key here is to watch your consumption and only in moderation.

Let’s get back to the good news and 5 the healthiest fats.

  1. Avocados: This monounsaturated fruit is loaded with vitamin E, boosts immunity and acts as an anti-aging nutrient for your skin.

  2. Butter: (preferably raw or grass fed organic) Containing essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, butter has actually made a comeback on a list of healthy fats. Butter contains trace minerals one being selenium a powerful antioxidant.

  3. Coconut Oil: Rich in medium chain fatty acids helping to improve brain and memory function as well as increases good cholesterol works as an anti-inflammatory and helps reduce arthritis.

  4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: This monounsaturated fat is excellent for hearth health. The high amounts of antioxidants in EVOO protect your cells from damage; improve memory function and works as an anti-inflammatory.

  5. Salmon: Filled with Omega 3 fatty acids, salmon is a good choice when it comes to a diet and your health. Omegas 3’s reduce the risk of arrhythmia, decrease triglyceride levels and can actually slightly lower blood pressure.

So although a diet consisting of fats have had a bad rap in the past, we can rest assured added these fats to our diet (balance and moderating is key) have enormous benefits..

Before beginning a diet and exercise plan always consult your doctor first.

In health your coach,


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