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5 Truths About Weight Loss!

WHAT's the truth?

Nowadays there’s so much information regarding health, wellness and weight loss and let’s face it, some if it is downright as bad as the un-showered guy passing by at the health club! Come on, unfortunately, we all know who I’m referring to!

“They” tell us, eat this, and don’t eat that! Oh wait, my favorite is…”spot reducing exercises to burn fat”…. Don’t buy into it! That’s a myth! You can’t spot reduce fat in one particular area on your body.


This is an outright pain old crazy myth! Bananas sure do get a “BAD WRAP”!..Ok corny joke…..

First I’ll begin by saying, bananas have a lot of benefits in support of a weight loss and exercise plan. I’m not surprised if that statement goes against everything you’ve heard. They are a low energy dense fruit, loaded with fiber, potassium, b12 and vitamin C. They are a great food and depending upon what size you choose they contain between 90-122 calories.

These are just a few reasons why bananas are a “Go to” fruit. In addition to all these benefits mentioned did you know that bananas are on the “low glycemic index range?” What does that mean? When a carbohydrate falls into the “low glycemic index range”, it refers to the effects of the carbohydrate on your blood sugar, the spiking of insulin and fat storage. Low glycemic is far better to go for when reaching for carbs. As long as you’re grabbing for one that’s not overly brown and ripe, you’re good to go.

Here’s my advice; lets focus more on what your daily meals consist of and exactly “when” you’re consuming the food. More importantly, examine your entire lifestyle and what else may be contributing to your weight gain? Don’t be so quick to blame the banana! And if you know anything about my motto, my style of eating and how I coach my clients successfully, “when you eat is just as important as what you’re eating”!!! Shout out to nutrient timing principals!

MYTH #2 Carbs are BAD!!!!

Carbohydrates are not the enemy. Actually I get pretty upset whenever I over hear the bashing carbohydrates get!

To properly function, our organs depend on a certain amount of carbohydrates. Our bodies are made up of roughly 50-75% water. It depends on male or female. Your body depends of carbohydrates for energy and to carry out bodily functions. In fact, when you deprive yourself of carbs your body actually feels “threatened” and your leptin levels (a hormone that controls sored body fat) decreases which affects its ability to burn fat! (NO BUENO)… Now, I am not saying all carbs are created equally! Again, it all depends on how they react in our blood stream, meaning WHEN you are consuming them. There are so many factors contributing to the equation. That I will cover another time, so stay tuned!!

Alright, hopefully you’re a little less frightened of carbs and we agree just maybe YOU DO NEED carbs to keep the body functioning properly and to spare protein and fat for its uses. I am hoping I’ve changed the way you feel and think about this important macronutrient.


NO, fat does not make you fat. In fact, fat may just aid in weight loss when you are following a flexible meal plan under the right guidance. Well amen to that because eating fat free would not only be impossible but boring as heck! Agreed?

Ok we also know that there are different types of fat and some research has proven that we need to “limit” certain types of fats! Again, this is another story which I will dive into some other time. Grab my FREE GUIDE to find out more!

So here’s the skinny on fat; it is a backup source of energy used by the body and is an essential part of your diet. Fat also regulates the body’s core temperature, absorbs certain nutrients and builds brain cells.

Yes I realize there are 9 calories per gram of fat but the few extra calories in comparison to protein and carbs which both have 4 calories per gram; has been proven to actually keep you “fuller” and “satisfied” longer thus, possibly aiding in weight loss. So can we please agree to stop pointing the finger at FAT!?

Again, the goal is to focus on healthy, nutrient dense foods made up of the 3 macronutrients, learn how to portion control and eat to fuel our bodies properly in accordance with our goals and body types.


You can bet my friends from the gym are shaking their heads at this one, knowing an all-time pet peeve of mine!

PLEASE for the love of Santa, get off that treadmill GIRL!

Maybe you just love doing cardio! Walking is great!! Hey, just maybe you also don’t give a rats behind if it makes you fat, skinny,breaks down muscle or causes injuries, but I need to set the record straight anyhow!

TOO MUCH cardio (and it could be different for everyone) is not doing you any good!

There is a time and place for cardio yes! I agree that with certain goals and at certain time done properly, working in the proper target heart rate zone, cardio is beneficial, no doubt! I’m talking about the peps that are on that darn elliptical or that stair stepper from the time I walk into the gym until I’m gone! I’m also taking about the ones that strictly do cardio and have never strength trained or lifted a weight in their life. Yes and I said “strength train” because it is possible to do body weight exercises and gain a great amount of strength.

Research has proven that engaging in too much cardio exercise actually places your body in a state of “stress” and when our bodies meet up with a stressful situation; good, bad or ugly, it releases a hormone called cortisol which is “NO BUENO” guys!! We are talking “fat storing city”!!!

Yea, you guessed it; the whole “fat storage thing” will also be addressed at another time and place. (Same time, same bat station)


RIDICULOUS please don’t go there! This misconception which I see is still very common and just makes me outraged! I believe this is why people fail or don’t even try to adapt a healthy lifestyle. Maybe there’s so much misinformation out there that screams “BE skinny! Don’t eat! FOOD is BAD”!!! That’s why I try so hard to spread the love and passion I have for healthy eating to others, I want to help others set healthy boundaries and improve their relationships with food.

My weight has mostly been the same for quite some time now. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying it’s easy for me and I don’t eat whatever I want. The reason for that is that have felt the difference between living and eating unhealthy; and living to fuel my body properly. Sure I can fluctuate 3-5 pounds or so depending upon my goals and the season, but mainly I maintain my healthy lifestyle so therefore I maintain a healthy weight and body composition. Remember, it’s not all about what the scales says either.

I would much rather wake up and feel awesome, ready to conquer anything the day bring me. If I ate like garbage I would expect to feel that way! Would you take a million dollar automobile to the gas station and fill it up with the cheapest gas you could find? There it is…..NO!

To be perfectly honest, on a regular basis, I eat like I’m going to the electric chair! But yes you probably guessed, I eat all clean healthy food and of course, at the right times! But I can assure you that at no time do I feel hungry nor do I recommend anyone skipping meals nonetheless starving to lose weight. We must remember to focus on a “HEALTHY LIFESTYLE” mentality and never the “diet of the decade” “quick fix” mentality.

Hey, I also want to make another thing absolutely clear because I’ve found this to be the biggest downfall and the main reason a good routine turns bad! YOU MUST NOT deprive yourself completely. To restrict and diet for lengthy periods of time without rewarding yourself is exactly where people have gone wrong and they lose it entirely. I mean I have been around long enough to see individuals on both sides of the fence. Some completely deprive themselves, totally snap and never try to regain their sense of “healthy lifestyle” mentality… Moderation, healthy, sustainable, reasonable goal setting is key since we want to create long healthy habits for life! I recommend a “cheat meal” of choice every week which works just perfect and still keeps clients on track.

So there it is! Food is not the enemy! Overdoing it on the stair stepper and crazy amounts of Cardio is not the answer! Please don’t believe everything you read! Do your research and get with a professional health coach that will set you up for success!

Your coach,


Resources: Nutrient timing principals for peak performance

Nutrient timing principals for peak performance

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