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A Little Discipline = BIG Health and Fitness Success!

When you hear the words discipline what comes to mind?

When most of us think of the word “discipline,” maybe some cringe!

Does it remind us of a Catholic school nun standing over you shaking the ruler? For some of us does it scream “you’re a child, you had better do this or else”!

Does the need for discipline mean we are weak and bad?

I have often heard people saying “I’ll have to give up everything to be fit and healthy” No,no,no this mental attitude is all wrong! In fact if you’re willing to give it a good shot, you’ll quickly see, becoming disciplined is very empowering and shows a high degree of strength! Believe it or not, it becomes easier as we begin to work towards forming new habits. Just like working muscles that have started to atrophy, with practice and commitment you will grow stronger in this area.

I think of it like this; do you remember your first day behind the wheel of a car and learning to drive? Heck the first time someone cut me off or even after my first accident; I didn’t give up, I wanted to drive more than I wanted to breathe. Talk about priorities!! At the time, to drive meant everything to me! Funny enough, I even bought a stick shift jeep without knowing the first thing about manual transmission and drove that baby home from over 2 hours away. A little tricky but again, I was determined. It stalled out as I approached every traffic light, but I can tell you that I didn’t give up.

Health and fitness is no different. If you want it, you need to implement disciplines. You need to trust the process. You have one life, this one body, why do some choose to treat it like a cheap broken down rusty automobile?? I mean in life there are millions of situations in which we have absolutely no control over, but we can control how we treat our bodies. In addition, we have choice over mental, spiritual and physical disciplines. Assuming most people are aware that how we care for our bodies effect every area of our lives, why is it that some of us refuse to discipline ourselves so that we can have the chance to experience energy, health, serenity and a good chance to prevent and or overcome disease?

In doing what’s best for you; conquering the obstacles and jumping some hurdles, in becoming disciplined there is strength and there is satisfaction! It just takes time and you need to come to terms with the fact that it is a lifestyle not a destination.

Anyone can wing it at life let’s face it. There’s no satisfaction in doing the easy thing, and you know that old saying “if it comes easy everyone would do it” and “anything worth having in life doesn’t come easy.”

It’s sad to see so many people looking for instant gratification and that “quick fix”

Well in the 80’s it was diet pills, heck for all I know they still exist. And what else? Fast food restaurants are booming on every block and wait I see churches overthrown and replaced by liquor stores! Let’s not forget about those crazy unhealthy fad diets, tummy tucks and BUTT implants!!

Ok well maybe some of us really have the best of intentions and just lack the right guidance and have never had a good coach help them learn “how to” become disciplined.

Let me assure you as long as you are not seeking instant gratification, but want to truly make some solid changes and you’re willing to take direction, it can be done!

Here are some tips that have helped many of my clients stay disciplined and become one step closer to reaching their health and fitness goals. Let’s keep it simple!

  1. Set small measurable goals…this will ultimately result in feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment…for instance saying “I want to lose 50 lbs.” is way too vague. Instead try and focus on a small goal for the week such as; “this week I will replace my boring treadmill walking with a fun strength training routine and prepare my lunch instead of going to McDonalds.” You will find this much easier to stick with.

  2. Visualize your goals such as keeping them written on a note pad you will see often. I like choosing to hang it on the fridge and keep one with me if I work away from home. I often tell my clients; “stop jumping on the scale!” I suggest getting out those jeans, that dress or those slacks you want to fit back into. Try them on every so often and use this as a tool to check your progress. Remember it is possible for the scale number to stay somewhat the same, but rather your clothes start to fit better.

  3. Don’t give up so easily!!! If you happen to fall out of your routine for a day or two, do not throw in the towel completely! One little mistake is not worth giving up on your new healthy lifestyle. Get back up, take a deep breath and pick up where you left off.

  4. Most importantly, get with a good health and fitness coach who understands how to help you overcome life’s challenges and coach you successfully!

Your coach in health,


Train the Body Discipline the Mind!

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