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Plant Based Diets And My Personal Experience

So, you've gained some weight over the years or you just want to lose a few of those unwanted pounds you put on due to stress or being super underachieve. Perhaps you are just curious about all the hoopla you hear regarding "plant based dieting".

Let's begin by addressing the term "dieting". Most people associate dieting with starving themselves, overly restricting calories, giving up carbs, a boring life, etc.

Dieting or a diet, simply refers to the choice of foods that a person consumes, and most of the time when someone is "dieting", they do restrict somewhat to boost weight loss. This is where it can be tricky!

When dieting, you must be sure to consume your macro nutrients properly to ensure your losing fat and not losing muscle.

However, everyone should consult with a professional before beginning any diet, especially if there are any medical conditions present.

OK, so you've heard some friends and relatives talking about their new plant based lifestyle. Some of them may have completely made the switch, some just decided to go "mostly plant based".

Some of the benefits they are speaking of, may have sparked your interest. Most clients I have worked with have felt increased levels of energy, better sleeping habits and most of all, they have achieved their weight loss goals switching to a plant based diet.

Let it be known, that I myself, have switched to a plant based in April of 2017. I was having severe pain and bloating in my entire abdominal region, my lower back was killing me, and I was being treated by a chiropractor weekly due to my back going out on a continuous basis.

I had scans, blood work, check ups, hiccups, I had it all!!

Not one doctor that examined me had any clue what contributed to this insanity, nor was I diagnosed with any condition.

So I did what I normally do when faced with adversity, chaos or uncertainty; I prayed...

I had spent most of my life eating clean, healthy, working out in the gym, and getting adequate rest. I also suffered on and off with slight digestive issues which were never severe, just some common discomfort at times, however, it had never crossed my mind that all the chicken and turkey I was eating (remember, I was in shape, always conscious about portion control & high quality foods) could be the culprit.

My body was talking to me, and I needed to listen up!

So like I said, I prayed on it.

Approximately 15-20 minutes later I heard it, I heard the answer.

The whisper said to me, "Regina, stop eating meat", and I did.

I was never a dairy lover so that was easy for me to give up as well.

I was well aware that dairy was not healthy anyhow, I had done plenty of research in my days, and It never agreed with me anyway.

I know what you are thinking...Yes, of course I eat pizza on occasion!

Moreover, I incorporate whatever foods I feel like enjoying every so often, but 90 percent of the time my diet is dairy free, preservative free, meat free, balanced, nutritious and delicious!

I help many of my clients make the switch if they choose to, they not only feel much more energetic, they've also dropped the unwanted weight, bloating in their abdominal area dissipates, and their workouts don't miss a beat!

Making the switch isn't for everyone and you'll have to learn some great new recipes. I have days where I can sit and prepare a fancy vegetarian meal and days where I can throw together a delicious, nutritious, healthy meal in 15 minutes.

Whatever lifestyle or diet you chose to follow, always remember, the choices we make today will impact our daily performance.

You wouldn't gas up your beautiful Lamborghini with cheap low octane gasoline, why should you treat your body any different?

Make good choices, you only have one life!

~and wellness for all,


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