After about 3 weeks into following a custom health and fitness program and coaching with Regina, I have lost 7 pounds, and lm feeling better than I've felt in years. We live hours away from each other but I have total support every step of the way. I'm eating healthier and already have more energy. It’s easier to play with my 3 yr old son. My family even sees a difference. When they ask me what I was waiting for, I simply smile, and say....Regina, she’s caring, patient, and supportive and always there when I need her. She has motivated me to and shown me how to eat healthier, exercise and to try and become MY best. I don't feel alone in this war. Beth W.

I've been working with Regina for several months now and she has helped change my life. I hadn't set foot in a gym for decades, but Regina started with a gentle full body workout and then the training progressed with me as I grew stronger. I was just hoping to tone up and lose a few pounds, but working with a trainer has also helped me focus on my overall well-being, Regina encourages me to strive for a healthy diet and positive stress management, and it's been really helpful for me to have the friendly, supportive accountability that she brings to each session. I highly recommend her services!


Laura Crane, M.Ed.

There are so many "Personal Trainers" and fitness coaches out there and then you have the "Regina". This is her expertise, a lifelong commitment and a passion of hers, to help others achieve their true potential. I started working with her after a devastating loss in my life and needed guidance, proper instruction and inspiration. I needed someone whom motivates you both in mind and spirit, and that's exactly what I got.

I shed body fat, gained a tremendous amount of strength and above all confidence…Although I'd wake up at 4 a.m. to go to the city and work my butt off all day, I would always look forward to our sessions. (Well maybe except for leg day lol). I can honestly say she helped turn my life around. She coached me successfully with everything from my dietary habits to physical fitness. Regina DePaolo THANK YOU!! If you are serious and want to change your life then she’s the coach for you!


Michael Gonzalez



Big shout out to Regina T DePaolo of  DePaolo Fitness. I am still feeling and seeing the results of our 28 day SHRED TO SUCCESS GROUP that ended 10 days ago. I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH for your help getting me back to feeling and looking myself ... actually better than I was before 💖 Busyness and stress had taken a toll on my body and Regina pushed me to new limits and to change and for that I am forever grateful 

Signed Lauren K.💞